boost wifi signal

Router Location

Wireless radio frequency signals require a clear and unobstructed transmission path. Do not place a router inside a closed closet or cabinet.

The higher and more "open" your router is, the better the signal will broadcast. Think of your router as a lamp and the light is the wireless signal. The more light shining around the room, the brighter and vice versa.

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Cabled Option

If you have a device that is located too far away from your wireless router or which does not have wireless capabilities, you might explore a HomePlug Ethernet adapter. One unit plugs into the elctrical outlet near your router and is cabled to the back of the router. Additional units are plugged into electrical outlets where your devices are, and cabled to that device. Your home's electrical wiring connects your remote device to your router (and Internet).

Boosting Wifi Signals

There are a few products on the market that are reasonably effective at boosting wifi signals in the home.

The Securifi Almond is our first choice. It is both a router AND a booster. You buy one and use it as a router, then buy as many more as you need as boosters.

Or, if you already have a router, just buy an Almond and use it as a repeater.

The Ubiquiti Pico2M-HP or the UniFi products (both sold by Streakwave) are good products. Contact Streakwave sales for buying advice.

Linksys Range-Extender is another option. It simply plugs into a power outlet 30-50 feet away from your wireless router, and "bounces" the wifi signal further throughout the house.

Open-Mesh creates ultra low-cost, zero config, plug-and-play wireless mesh networks, but we've never tested them. If any has, please let us know if it works.

Lastly, there are the "Foil-Hat Solutions." If you saw the movie, Signs, this website makes use of the "foil hat" approach. I have never tried these techniques and cannot guarantee they will work, but you might have fun trying.