wifi security settings

Types of Wifi Security

The types of wireless security encryption has evolved over the years. However, with identity theft being such a growing crime, we only recommend using wifi security settings known as "WPA2-Personal +AES." By default, we setup all routers using that security level. In addition to the greatest security currently available, it also allows for the strongest wifi connection at the best speeds.

To learn more about the different types of wifi security, please see the Wikipedia article.

Strong Wifi Password

A strong wifi password should be AT LEAST 8 characters long (16 characters is preferred) and should contain upper and lower-case letters and numbers. Using special characters (e.g., @#$%, etc.) is not recommended unless you know your router can interpret them. A strong password will NOT contain dictionary words (in any language). It should also NOT contain phone numbers, street addresses, or names of people, businesses or pets.

P@$$w0rd is NOT a secure password.

If you wish to generate a strong password, you can use this tool: