build a smart house

Do you own a smart phone? If so, then imagine a smart house. One where you use an app to control your home's lights, temperature, unlock doors, view security cameras, monitor family members and pets, open/close shades, set alarms and alerts, and much more. You can control everything using a smart phone app, a remote control or a wall-mounted controller.

The base controller works similar to your wifi router, but it operates on a different frequency so as to not interfere with your Internet activities. All devices you add to your system connect wirelessly to the controller, just like your laptops, tablets, etc. connect to the wireless router.

Here are some local vendors who provide this technology (known as Z-Wave):


If you are in the market for a security system that is cost-effective, DIY install and has an option month-to-month monitoring plan, please take a look at SimpliSafe's website.