selecting a router

What Router Should I Buy?

You will need a wireless router (we do not provide or sell routers). Routers cost between $40-$400, depending on what Internet activities you engage in and the number of devices you have connected to the Internet. Any router (except modem-router combinations) will work.

Our service DOES NOT USE A MODEM and is NOT satellite Internet. It is known as "fixed-point wireless Internet".

Here is a link with router information, We currently recommend Netgear and ASUS brands and do not recommend Linksys or Belkin brands (although they will work on our network). The more devices you have connected or the more resource-intensive activities you engage in (e.g. streaming, gaming) means selecting a router to handle the load (e.g. more RAM memory, faster processor, etc.).

For just surfing websites, checking email, and watching YouTube videos with just a couple devices (e.g. laptop and smartphone), any router in the $40-70 range is sufficient. If you want to stream TV or movies (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) or have a lot of devices, you will want a router in the $100-150 price range. If you are an online gamer (highest level of online activity), buy the best router you can afford (>$200).

NOTE: Routers have a 3-5 year life before you need to replace them. And just like most electronic devices, routers have firmware (software) that YOU need to update every couple of months. Your router manufacturer's website will have instructions on HOW to update the firmware.

Where Can I Buy A Router?

You can buy wireless routers just about anywhere. They are available at Best Buy, Staples, Target, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, Sam's Club, or any numer of online retailers (e.g. Amazon, Tiger Direct, New Egg).

TMI! What Can You Recommend?

Online gamers seem to like the "Netgear Nighthawk" router family. Find one in your affordability range. For movie/TV streamers and households with a lot of connected devices, the "ASUS AC1900" router seems to be a local favorite.