pay for phone services

There are many service providers of Internet telephone; also known as Voice-over-IP (VoIP). Some of the more popular providers are reviewed by PC World Magazine.

NOTE: No matter which service provider you choose, please call our office during normal business hours so that we can configure your Internet antenna and/or router for VoIP service.

Is Your Cell Phone Signal Strong?

You always want a "telephone call backup plan" in case your Internet goes down or there's a power outage and you need to make a call. If you have good cell phone coverage in the house you can probably ignore this information. But if your cell signal is poor and/or drops a lot, you have two options to improve service at your location.

Don't Like To Give Out Your Home or Cell Number?

Thanks to FREE services like Google Voice and iCall, you no longer need to hand-out your home or personal cell phone number to companies, contractors or anyone else needing your number. In fact, you can give everyone you know, including family and friends, your Google Voice or iCall number and have all incoming calls routed to whatever telephone you want, based on whatever criteria you select. Learn more about this FREE service.