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Hate Commercials? Want to Record Shows? Get a DVR

Want to record shows for later viewing? Hate commercials? Need to pause or rewind live TV? Then you might want a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Here are a few options to choose from.

Channel Master CM7500 (NO subscription!)
Brand new DVR from Channel Master ($250 one-time cost for the basic DVR, plus $100 one-time cost for an external hard drive, plus $0/month subscription). Also spend the $35 for the USB wifi adapter if your router is NOT near your TV and DVR.

Stream.tv (NO subscription!)
Simple.TV is a little box that sits on your home network, connects to an OTA antenna, and records live TV to storage that you attach (e.g. external hard drive). Then use a free smart phone app as a remote control.

TiVo Premiere (one-time cost plus $15/month subscription). Very easy to use. The TiVo Romio and Premiere costs about half the price of the Channel Master DVRs, but TiVos requires a $15/month subscription fee (else you can pay a $500 lifetime subscription).

NOTE: Only the TiVo Premiere works with OTA antennas (not the TiVo Premiere 4 or TiVo Premiere XL4 or earlier series DVRs).

TiVo Roamio (one-time cost plus $15/month subscription). Very easy to use.

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