local backup

Why Backup?

If your computer crashed and you lost ALL your documents, photos, music, Outlook email, browser bookmarks, etc., how long would it take you to rebuild? If there's nothing too critical, then no worries. But...


What Software & Hardware Should I Use?

There are a few options here, but the best one is to go out and buy an external, USB hard drive. This simply plugs into a USB port on your computer. Then you can use software in the links below to back your data up to the external hard drive.

A really great local, back-up hard drive is the Transporter 2.0 by Connected Data, Inc. It costs about $200, and it will sync-up all your devices. It works like DropBox or Google Sync, but it's at your house, not in the cloud (off-site). There are no monthly subscription fees and it's 100% private. Buy two of them and keep one at home and one offsite (say the office) and you have redundancy back-up!

Software for backing up your computer:

How Often Should I Backup?

Set your backup software to make one full update, and then incremental nightly backups (or whatever's reasonable). How much data can you miss if your computer goes down tonight? Also, set the timing for the backup for a time that will not interfere with you using your computer (after midnight).

If you use a product like Transporter 2.0, then your data is continually backed-up and you really don't need to think about it.