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Office Alternatives

Have you been using Microsoft Office for years? Tired of having to pay upward of $200 to upgrade every few years? Maybe it's time to switch to something else. And how about if that something else is 100% compatible with all of your existing Microsoft Office documents (open, edit, save) BUT it's 100% free! Here are some office alternatives for you to explore:


  • The PC Decrapifier a free program that removes all the crapware that comes with a new computer

  • Ninite a free program that helps you install all the useful software you want, and keeps them all up-to-date

  • Recuva is a free file/program recovery tool that let's you try to recover files you deleted and realize you need!

  • CCleaner is a free registry fix and file clutter removal tool that helps keep your PC running smooth

Productivity Software

  • VLC Media Player is a free download that will allow you to play movies, videos, music, etc. on your Windows 8 PC

  • Paint.NET free graphics software (for simple fix manipulations)

  • GIMP free graphics software (for complex file manipulations)

  • CutePDF is a free software that allows you to convert any document into a PDF file

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