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Ubuntu Linux?

Most people are used to Microsoft Windows. The problem is, besides having to pay $150 for the new version every few years, you also have to learn how to do things in the new version that you already knew how to do on the old one.

Apple is better, but you still have to pay for the upgrade.

An alternative may just be open-source Linux. And a version of Linux called Ubuntu is relatively easy to use. Best of all, the operating system (OS) and all upgrades are always free!

Other benefits of Linux is that it is very secure, not prone to viruses or malicious software, and you can do just about everything you could do with your Windows computer including surf the web, check email, create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, listen to music, print, etc.

To explore the benefits of Ubuntu, please follow this link.

How to make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows 7


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